Connective pharmacy technology to unleash full potential

Healthcare leaders and clinicians need technology that simplifies workflows instead of complicating them. This is achieved when your systems are integrated and interoperable. Omnicell solutions connect automation products, leverage real-time data insights, offer streamlined pharmacy platform interoperability, and enable new optimization capabilities across workflows, care settings, and IT systems.

ePMA interlude

Accelerate safety and efficiency with interoperable solutions

Healthcare systems and pharmacies need to leverage every technology investment to its fullest potential. That’s why we develop our solutions to be as interoperable as possible. 

Omnicell integration with ePMA and EPR systems removes redundant steps, improving efficiency and safety.

It’s by implementing both ePMA/EPR systems and Omnicell automated medication dispensing cabinets alongside each other that Trusts can make a real difference in improving patient safety and banishing medication errors. By putting the two systems in place together Trusts can effectively close the prescribing loop, strengthening patient safety from the moment the drug is prescribed to the moment the drug is administered to the patient.

Omnicell is already working with ePMA providers and Trusts across the UK to do just this and establish a standard of care for safe medication administration.

Read how Chesterfield Royal Hospital have integrated Omnicell cabinets with their ePMA systems.